Cristian Rasch

Web Developer - Database & Systems Administrator
Specializing in integrating mixed data sources and building analytical dashboards, reports and APIs.
Deep experience in building operations, energy efficiency, sensor and Web marketing datasets.



As a software consultant, I strive to provide high-quality solutions to real world problems, helping clients reach their goals in a timely fashion and within their budget.

I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to hone my skills and continue to grow as a software professional.

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CapData Documents

CapData Documents is the new documentation warehouse for all publicly-owned buildings undergoing Energy Efficiency-driven retro-commissioning in Washington DC. The main features of this website include flexible document versioning, ability to keep track of different sets of building attributes, plan sets and equipment-related information, as well as the ability to define re-usable templates for all document types.
User can quickly and easily see what documents do or do not exist for a building, and whether or not a building has the complete documentation required to enter the next phase of retro-commissioning. This is controlled by a complete back-office system for admin users to manage user accounts and other documentation related resources.

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HRW Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard application developed for 1POINT21 Interactive is where they concentrate and showcase to their clients all the website performance and analytics data carefully curated from different Web resources. Retrieving & collating data from different sources such as Web form submissions (Gravity Forms and Unbounce) online chat (Ngage Live) and call (CallRail) transcripts, Google Analytics (website traffic) & Adwords (ad & keyword perf) metrics and Facebook Lead Ads performance numbers, they are able to paint a very informative and up-to-date picture about how well their clients' Web properties are doing, whether ad target performance is reached, how much is spent overall (combined across the different platforms), etc.

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HRW Sales Commissions

Internal commission tracking webapp developed for 1POINT21 Interactive that allows them to track and automatically calculate how much they must be paid as commission each month to both regular staff employees as well as 1099 contractors. Leveraging the QuickBooks Online API and based on a complex set of business rules, this tool takes care of all invoicing matters needed to accurately and precisely pay sales reps, draw & keep client contracts up-to-date as well as keep tabs on any unpaid invoices, supporting the day-to-day bookkeeping operations of this prestigious, San Diego based Internet marketing firm.

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DC PEPCO EDI combines XML and PDF parsers, a website scraper and an error-checking analytical engine to process nearly 1,000 electricity bills every month for the city government of Washington, DC.
This tool integrates billing data provided by PEPCO (local energy provider) in the well-known EDI format, combining it with smart & fault-tolerant scraping of closely guarded data only available on their website, to offer powerful insights about how much energy is used by month by account or meter, in addition to providing users with flexible reporting capabilities. It has dramatically reduced the work load and error rate of the DC utility billing team.

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NCE Dashboard

New City Energy, an energy consulting firm based in Washington DC, uses this dashboard to drive their analysis and monitoring of 450+ buildings across the District. It incorporates a wide variety of datasets and datasources, including interval data from utility meters and more than 50 solar installations, generation data from a wind farm, more than 100,000 utility bills, local weather information and more
The project management, budgeting, forecasting, data-validation, monitoring and analytical toolkits built in to the dashboard ensure that only clean data is transmitted via purpose-built APIs to the public-facing BuildSmart DC website, where the public can monitor building efficiency and operations in the District.

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HRW Rank Tracker

This rank tracking tool developed for 1POINT21 Interactive combines ranking data provided by the AccuRanker API with Google Analytics and Ahrefs API metrics to paint a clear and concise picture of keyword performance as it correlates to increased website traffic. In addition, the application also helps with day-to-day event & link tracking and task management, featuring powerful interactive charts that make making sense all this info easier than following plain numbers on the screen.
All combined, the tool exposes a complete website profile invaluable in tracking site performance over time.

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